Mercado de Maravillas in Madrid

If you want to visit Madrid, you should definitely visit the biggest market of Madrid, the “Mercado de Maravillas” in english “Market of Wonders”. Here you will find everything from vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, dried fruit, baked goods, bars, cheese, dairy products and much more on more than 8,000 m2 sales area. This behemoth is as well the largest municipal market in Europe. Cafes and stalls offer traditional fare such as tripe-based callos a la madrileña, often considered Madrid’s signature dish. Continue reading “Mercado de Maravillas in Madrid”

Alioli (garlic mayonnaise)

Who does not know, the tasty garlic mayonnaise from Spain, the alioli (known aswel as all i oli or ajo aceite). Alioli can be served with many dishes such as meat, fish and vegetables specially with arroz a banda is delicious. I assure you that when you try a arroz a banda in Denia with this sauce, the rice wins and a lot. You can find it ready to buy everywhere but home-made taste much better! Continue reading “Alioli (garlic mayonnaise)”